Top 5 Things You Need for Breastfeeding

If you are planning to breastfeed your baby, there are a few things that you are going to need to make the experience easier for both you and your baby. Breastfeeding can be such a special time for you and your baby, it is important to try and make your feeding experience as simple and stress free as possible.

Breast Pump. You may not need a breast pump but it can come in incredibly handy. If your baby was born prem or had to spend some time in NICU after their birth, then a breast pump can become invaluable. You will be able to pump and feed your baby your breast milk rather than the formula while they are still in hospital.Breastfeeding |BabyWombWorld



If you are returning to work, a pump allows you to build up a stock of breast milk before hand and enables you to still feed your baby breastmilk while you are at work.

Breast Pads. These are one of those essential items, if you are breastfeeding. There are a lot of brands on the market including some re-usable options. Your breasts are going to leak sometimes, it is natural, breast pads help to absorb the milk so you don’t end up with embarrassing marks on your clothes.


Breastfeeding |BabyWombWorldBlankets/Nursing covers. Getting the hang of breastfeeding can take some time while you and your baby figure out your routine. Not all mothers feel comfortable breastfeeding their babies in public, buying a few large blankets or a nursing cover can make feeding in public a lot easier and comfortable for you, as the mom. Muslin blankets are ideal to use because they provide adequate cover but are lightweight so your baby won’t overheat while being fed.

Nipple cream. There are few things as painful as cracked nipples. Whether you are breastfeeding your newborn or not, get yourself some good quality nipple cream. These creams have been specifically designed to ease the pain of and heal cracked nipples. They are all safe for your baby, so you can apply the creams and continue breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Bra. A breastfeeding bra makes feeding so much easier. Most of the feeding bras open from the top and offer a little extra support.

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