Road tripping snacks for toddlers

The key to a successful road tripping experience is preparation. If you are prepared, the trip will be a lot easier. Little ones need snacks more often than adults do and a hungry toddler is not a happy toddler. It can be tempting to pack sweets and other treat type snacks, but these are not always the best option.

We have put together a list of snacks that are healthy and that your toddler will enjoy.

Dry wors – this is such a great South African snack. It is high protein so fills them up nicely. It also helps ease itchy gums if you have a teething toddler.

Cheese – you can cut up cheddar cheese into little sticks or you can by the pre-packed triangles of cheese.

Mini Muffins – preferably homemade muffins that don’t have too much sugar in them. Pack a mix of sweet and savoury onesToddler Snacks|BabyWombWorld


Smoothies in a pouch –  you get a nice selection of both sweet and savoury flavours of smoothies in pouches. You can freeze the sweet ones and then your little one can enjoy a slushie as it starts melting.

Dried fruit and nuts

Raw veggies – this is another snack that is not only healthy but can help your teething baby. Cut up some carrots, peppers, cucumbers and beans.Toddler Snacks|BabyWombWorld

Mini rice cakes

Avoid giving your child too many sugary snacks while you are stuck inside a car or even an airplane. Keep the treats for when you reach your destination or are about to make a stop. If you have more than one child, pack each one their own little snack pack, it will prevent fighting over snacks and it adds to the excitement of the trip.

What are some snacks that you pack when you are travelling?

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