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Baby Monitor & Nanny Camera


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(14 customer reviews)
  • Stay in Touch Wherever You Are – Are you worried leaving your baby or child alone? Using our iphone, android, windows device, tablet or PC you can now keep an eye on your little one wherever you are all the time! No more need to stress or worried as a parent. Whether you are at work, gym, shopping or just in another room in the house, you can watch, listen and talk to your baby via the WiFi connection to your nanny cam.
  • Fantastic Features – The 720P high resolution lens provide crystal clear images and video recordings (TF card not included) at day and night. Eleven infrared sensors around the camera lens allows recording of video in a complete dark room with as low illumination as 0.1 Lux. Alarm push motion detection will notify you when there is any movement and via the smartphone you can remotely pan (355 degrees, horizontal) and tilt (90 degrees, vertical) the camera to view everything in the room.
  • Super Easy to Use – Step 1: Download the app by scanning the QR code on the packaging. Step 2: Make sure the WiFi camera has power and your WiFi network is on. Step: 3 Using the “smartlink” on the app, pair the camera to the smartphone. Step 4: With the camera in close proximity (max 20 yards) from WiFi router it is ready for use.
  • Added Extras – Included is a mounting bracket for those who want to fix the camera to a wall. This camera can also be used to remotely look after your pet, the elderly or to just have an eye on your home while you are away from home for security purposes. All BabyWombWorld cameras are CE and FCC certified and we guarantee superior after sale customer service.

I want to add the camera device by WiFi, but APP did not discover any new device

Please confirm that the mobile phone and camera are both connected to the same LAN (one router). Check if the Network indicator of the camera is ON. If the camera and mobile is not in the same LAN, please try to add device by manual add.

Please make sure the WIFI password is correct. Camera doesn’t support 5G, so please make sure the mobile connect with 2.4G WIFI network.

You can also try resetting the camera and try to connect again. See questions below on how to reset camera.


Indicate “wrong password”, when I try to access to camera monitoring status on APP

Please check if the remote monitoring password has been put in correctly when adding the camera device into APP. If it’s not correct, then click device name to popup the menu “Playback/Setting/Edit”, access to “Edit” to input the right password. If you have forgotten the password, then RESET camera to recover to Factory Default.


In the device list, device indicate “Offline”

Please check if the camera is connecting to the network. Check if the indicator is on. Make sure the router is working well. Also check whether you still have data available on router. (For those who buy monthly data bundles)


Can’t view camera from my office

Please make sure the company/office does not have any firewalls preventing connectivity to the camera. In most cases the company firewall does prevent such type of communication.


How do I reset the camera?

There is a reset hole at the bottom of the camera. Use a needle shape tool insert into the reset hole and hold reset button for 5 seconds until you hear a “beep” sound. Default password will be “123”.


When should I reset my camera?

For the below issue, please kindly reset the device for testing.

  • Forget the password
  • Cant connect during setup process – try resetting device
  • APP has the problem after upgrade
  • Moving camera around and needs to connect to a different LAN


Can’t find the recorded files

First check if the Micro SD card is defective. If it is fine, then please check the search time for the recording file. Also make sure the camera system tie has changed by mistake.


When the camera begins to alarm, but you didn’t receive alarm email

Please check your Email Setting has opened “SMTP” function, and you also need to open the “Client” Authorized Code” and set it as the same as your email box’s password. Only then, you can receive emails form Yoosee.

To download the software please click the button below

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Baby video monitor for babies, pets, the elderly or just for security purposes that will give you complete peace of mind!

Are you worried about:

– Not hearing your baby when he/she cries in the other room?
– Leaving your baby at the nanny while you go to work, shopping or the gym?
– What is happening in your house while you are not there?
– Whether your house is still secure while you are on holiday or just away for a day or two?

BabyWombWorld has designed a smart WiFi camera with fantastic features!

– No matter where you are, you can now watch, listen and talk to your loved one anytime, all the time!

The great features of this monitor:

– Easy Plug and Play setup using a wireless network or network cable
– 3 Mega Pixel Lens, Using advance high compression technology which provides high quality HD images and recordings at day and night
– Perfect audio quality – Two way audio
– Support dual stream, support micro SD storage (SD card not included)
– Support mobile view (iPhone, Android, Blackberry)
– Also support view by browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
– Allow remote camera movement – Pan 355 degrees and Tilt 90 degrees
– Alarm video push technology
– With WEB, CMS management software, can procide the SDK for seconday development
– Support ONVIF

14 reviews for Baby Monitor & Nanny Camera

  1. Doleman

    First of all, I never set up anything electronic around my house, it is my husband’s job but I would want to see how user friendly it is to set up this baby monitor by BabyWombWorld so I went ahead and gave it a try. We had another baby monitor that my husband was setting up, we want to compare the two so we started the same time but when I was done, which is like 5 minutes later, he was still setting up the mic for that one and he looked at me and said: “you done???” We were both amazed at how easy it is to set up and use. He said this monitor is so easy to use that even I can set it up…. he’s right though lol…

    Very easy direction to follow, a few simple steps. Download app, set up account, link up device, put device at desire location, done. The quality of the monitor is very nice, from my iPhone, I’m able to zoom, move the camera, take pictures, talk (there’s a mic icon where I can remotely talk, like a walkie-talkie) able to choose the quality of the feed, night vision is super clear. Now I don’t need to keep walking up and down to check on my baby, just need to keep the app on. My husband was able to install the app on his Samsung too, doesn’t seem to interfere my feed.

    Great great product! Two thumbs up~ I’m amazed at the product, so easy to set up that even I can managed. Highly recommend.

  2. Maddie Glass

    This is a great nanny camera! I bought it because it was advertise as a video baby monitor and although you can use it for that function I would definitely classify it as a nanny cam more than that. It does not come with its own monitor so you have to have a smart phone in order to be able to use this. It is fairly easy to set up and connect to your wifi, it comes with a little paper pamphlet that gives you instructions. This camera can be sat on a shelf or it can also be anchored into the wall with the little attachment hook that comes with it. It is able to be moved remotely from side to side as well as up and down. It does seem to have a slight delay which is a bummer, but you can only expect so much from technology lol. Overall we do like it and will continue using it in our little one’s bedroom as a monitor.

    Link to Amazon Review:

  3. Amazon Customer


    I bought this camera because I started working full time and wanted to check up on my 2 toddlers staying with a nanny during the day. It works wonderfully, I really do love it. Very easy to set up. The picture and sound is fantastic. The quality is really good and the price is unbeatable !!!! Super happy with it, will definitely recommend it !!

    Link to Amazon review:

  4. Siera Peery

    This camera is amazing! I have another camera that I have for my daughters room and it was more expensive then this camera. This camera responds well and the quality is amazing.The set up was super easy and I have it running all the time. For a camera that is only $27.99 this a great buy and I recommend it to anyone who has kids.

  5. JustinTime

    We have been looking for one of these for the last 2 years that is packed with feature and didn’t break the bank. Babywombworld does all of that!

    I do a lot of tech support and was curious to see how well this would set up on my wireless network. It was fairly easy but not as easy as I had wanted it to be. The pamphlet was a little confusing to me so it took a couple of tries to make it work. I have not tried the online computer set up because my wife has some concerns about security so we just set it up on my iPod to start. Setting up an account was east. The problem seemed to be getting the camera to recognize the wireless network and give it the proper permissions to be on the network. Once it was all set up my wife wanted to try it so we downloaded the app on her iPod. At first I was not excited about jumping through the hops again to get her set up. She then asked for my account info and signed into my account and everything has worked since.

    The camera overall is great. We don’t have to use a separate device to viewing or controlling the movement, we can see and listen to the little one while she is in her bed with the night vision and we can even talk to her. All GREAT features. It also comes with a wall-mounting bracket that gets just the right height and angle.
    I have a few issues with the product that aren’t the biggest deal but ones that could be looked into.

    The power cord is about 5 feet long so it is hard to mount the camera as high as I would like. I also appreciate the blue light that shows when we are connected to the camera for viewing but it is on the front and acts like a nightlight that blinks. I wish there was a setting called “status light” and allowed it to be turned off. My little one doesn’t like lights in her room so we have had to tape over it and put a pair of pants over it to cover the light up.

    Overall we are very pleased with this camera and give it a solid 4 out of 5 star rating.

  6. aaron winn

    Wow this little camera really impressed me . I was hesitant to get it because I have had a couple other similar ones and was not very satisfied with the quality. From the minute I opened the box I new this one was different , even by the way it’s packaged I was impressed. The setup went quickly and easy and only took about 5 minutes. They included instructions and a link to website that walks you thru it step by step. If you’ve be n thinking of getting any type of wifi camera I strongly recommend this one.

  7. maritza baez

    This was so easy to set up. once you download the app, you can see what the camera sees and you can record it to your phone. You can also turn the camera from side to side via the app. The video and audio are nice and clear and the set up is very easy.

    Click here to view my YouTube Review of this camera.

  8. Kim Stewart

    This video camera works very well! I love how easy it is to use. I wish it was 5G compatible, but seems to be the end goal everyone is working towards. I’m sure eventually it will be. This camera is very versatile with excellent night vision capability. Great camera and great price! My mind is out at ease being able to see my little ones!

  9. Jacqueline Jewell

    Nanny camera with WiFi ($29.95)

    I can’t say enough good about this camera!  First, setup was incredibly easy to follow.  The instructions are included in the package and I did it via wifi within 5 mins.  The app doesn’t take a lot of space and works smoothly on wifi and on LTE. 

    Starting with camera quality, the camera can show in LD, SD, & HD.  Even in LD the image is still clear enough to see items and know what is happening in the room.  If there is direct light the camera picks up clear colors.  If it is in the dark, the camera switches to black and white to clearly show images.

    The camera can swivel 360 degrees left to right.  Up and down the camera is only missing about 25 degrees from the base but when mounting the mount is placed right where you couldn’t see anyway so it’s best to put that in a place (such as the corner) so you don’t have to worry about missing an image.

    When interacting with the camera and features you can hear audio as well as speak into your phone to broadcast audio.  The audio is clear (not choppy) and loud enough for user to hear.  Controlling the camera is easy, it only takes a swipe of the finger to move the camera around the room.  You can start recording the video at the press of a button to catch any moment. Also, you can grab a quick screenshot within the app.  All your images/videos from the camera stay stored in the app with a clear date/time. 

    The only downside I found with this camera is the power cord isn’t as long as I would like but at 6ft it’s still a great length for most rooms/needs.

  10. James

    The BabyWombWorld 720P Wifi baby monitor / nanny cam is a full-featured IP camera at a really affordable price. I suppose the reason they are able to keep the price point low is because instead of including a monitor, you simply download an app to either your Apple or Android phone which allows you to connect to the IP camera from anywhere you have internet service. Whether it be at home or halfway across the planet.

    Setup was fairly simple…. Unpack the camera, scan the Q-code on the box or browse the app store on your device to download the app, sync the phone/app to the camera, and then connect your camera to your home Wifi. Once the camera is connected, you will be able to access and control it from anywhere.

    It is feature rich too. You can pan and zoom, record remotely, talk between the app and the camera using the two-way audio. The picture is crystal clear and the camera is very responsive to the app controls, as you can see in my video. You can also see in near total darkness thanks to the eleven on-board infrared LED’s. Even though the night-view mode looks like it’s in B&W, the picture is still extremely clear.

    This IP camera would be great as a baby monitor, nanny cam, pet cam, away-from-home cam, etc. It even has motion detection that will alert you within the app when the camera detects motion. You really can’t go wrong for the price.

    Based on my own personal use, I would recommend this camera to anyone looking for a solution to monitoring your baby, keeping a watchful eye on the nanny or babysitter, making sure Fido is ok while you’re at work, etc. So many uses!!

  11. Jessica

    This was super easy to connect and images were very clear. Better than I expected!

  12. Lisa H.

    Super easy to set up. Easy app to use! My kids are older (9 & 6) but I got this to use for when they play in the backyard. I am not able to see from inside so this gives me great piece of mind. I also check in on them when we go out and we have a babysitter there. I love being able to see them and communicate back and forth.

  13. Onena

    This is very good quality baby monitor camera. It really helps me to check my family and home. The image is very clear and the sound is good. I highly recommend you to get one. I like that via the smartphone I can remotely pan.

  14. Christine Marte

    This security camera is great. It was so easy to set up all by myself. Instructions were very clear. You need the Yoosee app on your phone to be able to use it. The app was easy to install and use. The image comes through very clear on my phone and has sound, microphone, video, … options to select and gives time running at the top. The camera can move to all different angles and lights up when it is taking pictures. This camera is good for watching your baby at night or setting it up as a security camera that you watch any where in the world on your phone if you have an internet connection. Very happy with it. Only recommendation would be to have a TV screen with it for when at home, so you don’t have to run app on phone all night to hear and see baby.

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