3.5″ LCD Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor Model BWW-8036

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3.5″ LCD Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor Model BWW-8036


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(37 customer reviews)

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  • Always in Touch – Are you worried about leaving your baby or child alone or not hearing them when they wake up? Using your BabyWombWorld baby monitor you can now keep an eye and ear on your little one wherever you are all the time! No need to stress or to be worried as a parent. Take it with you when you go to visit your friends, this monitor is great to watch your baby while he/she sleeps in one of their rooms.
  • Fantastic Features – BabyWombWorld Baby Monitor has a transmission RANGE that will cover most of your house. So you will easily be able to watch and listen to your baby wherever you are in or outside your house. With NIGHT VISION this camera has great picture quality day and night. The TWO-WAY audio communication makes it possible to listen and talk to your little one if needed. Whilst using the monitor you can move the camera up and down or left and right!
  • Super Easy to Use – The BabyWombWorld baby monitor is SO EASY to set up! Most Wi-Fi baby monitors work with internet and set up is difficult. With the BabyWombWorld baby monitor there are no worries. You connect the camera to power and once you switch on the monitor unit you will automatically be connected. No hassle! No struggle! And adding more than one camera is a wonderful extra feature and just as easy to set up.
  • Room Temperature and More – Room temperature is a very important factor when it comes to how well a baby sleeps. Especially if you use a baby sleeping bag. Just take a look at your monitor and you will be able to see the room temperature all the time! Both the monitor and camera has a lithium battery so you can use your camera and monitor for a period of time without having to plug any of the units into a power supply.
  • But wait, there is more! – Although this unit only comes with one camera unit, you can buy up to three extra cameras and monitor all 4 of the cameras using the one monitor!!
  • Read all the instruction in the manual.
  • Follow all instructions.
  • Do not use this camera near water.
  • Clean only with a dry cloth.
  • Do not block any ventilation openings.
  • Do not install near heat source such as radiators, heat registers, stoves or other other devices that produce heat.
  • Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the point where they exit the from the apparatus.
  • Only use the attachments / accessories specified by the manufacturer.
  • Unplug this apparatus during lighting storms or when unused for long period of times.

1. I got my camera and got everything set up, but when I turn on the monitor the LCD screen doesn’t seem to work.

The batteries need to be charged. When you receive your new monitor charge both the monitor and the unit for at least 8 hours before use.

When the battery is depleted the LCD screen will not work, even if you plug the monitor into a power socket. (As with your mobile phone, when the battery is completely discharged, the battery will need to charge for a few minutes before the unit will work) After about 15-20 minutes of charging the battery will be sufficiently charged for the LCD screen to switch on.

2. What is the maximum range where the monitor will still pick up a signal from the camera?

The BabyWombWorld wireless baby monitor operates in the same way as a two way radio using radio frequency(RF) in the 2.44GHz spectrum. Under ideal circumstances, the range is 100 yards (90m) and more, but in practice it will differ widely depending on your specific environment. The size of your house, the number of walls, the wall thickness, building materials used in the construction of your house (wood/bricks/concrete/steel), interference from electrical appliances as well as interference from other devices using RF (remote controls, alarms, radios, two radios etc) Any dense obstacles close to either of the units can affect the range, and sometimes moving the unit a small distance away from obstacle can make a big difference.

If you live in a wooden house you should not have a problem at all, whereas in a double storey brick house with reinforced concrete slabs the range will reduce due to the density of the bricks and concrete. Again, this doesn’t mean it will not work, you just might not be able to pick up a signal from all the far corners of the house. This will be the case with any RF video monitor, as all these monitors operate on the same RF frequency. We are also limited by government regulations to extend the range, as the longer the range the more interference these devices will cause. If the range is too far and you will start interfering with your neighbor’s RF devices – and they with yours.

3. How long does the battery last?

Both the monitor and the camera have batteries. The monitor’s battery will last up to 6 hours with normal use. However, when the LCD display is permanently on, the battery life reduces to 2-3 hours.

The camera has a smaller battery that will last about 2 hours. Most baby monitor cameras do not have batteries, and need to be plugged in at all times. We added a battery for those times when you have a power failure or? want to move your baby to an area for a short while where there is no power outlet. The intention is not to use the camera continuously on battery power.

4. Can I mount the camera on the wall?

Yes, you can mount the camera on the wall. The camera has a hole at the bottom to hook the unit onto a screw in the wall. With the camera tilt function move the camera head in the correct position to view the area. When you need to move the camera, lift it off the screw and place it where you need it. (PLEASE NOTE: The screw to fit it to the wall is not supplied with the camera)

5. My monitor LCD screen does not want to go into sleep mode. Why not?

Please check the VOX settings. The VOX settings determine the sensitivity of the audio sensor that will trigger the monitor to switch on to warn you when your baby cry or call for you. The monitor has 4 VOX settings:

OFF – The screen will not automatically switch off.
1 – Low sensitivity
2 – Normal (recommended setting)
3 – High sensitivity

When the VOX setting is OFF, the screen will not switch off automatically. To switch off the screen press the?button on the front left (2nd from the bottom)

With VOX setting 1 and 2 the screen will switch off after a few seconds when there is no sound in the room. VOX 2 is the recommended setting and is more sensitive than the VOX 1 setting. VOX 3 is the most sound sensitive and the screen will light up at the slightest noise. We only recommend this in a very quiet environment. In a normal house with the Vox 3 setting the screen will be permanently on as the ambient noise will activate the screen.

When the unit is on Vox setting 1 or 2, the screen will turn on when the camera detects sound in the room. When in Vox setting 1 or 2 you can? manually switch the screen on or off? by pressing the button on the front left, second from the bottom. (The screen on/off button only works when set on Vox 1 or 2 or when VOX is off.)

6. Why does the monitor not warn me when there is movement in the room?

The BabyWombWorld baby monitor (and baby monitors in general) does not have a movement sensor in the camera but an audio sensor (VOX sensor). Movement sensors give too many false alarms as babies will move while they sleep, or even when awake, they might play by themselves without there being a problem. The moment there is a sound – your baby crying or calling for you – the monitor will light up and you will hear the sound as well as be able to see on the screen what is happening in the room.

If you want to constantly see what is happening in the room, set the VOX setting to 3. The LCD screen will be permanently on and you will be able to see constantly whats going on in the room.

7. My monitor LCD screen has a permanent red line across the screen. Is my monitor faulty?

No, its not. The LCD screen is covered by a plastic film in the factory to protect it from scratches. This plastic film has a red line across. Once you remove the screen protector the red line will not be there anymore.

To remove the screen protector lift one of the corners and pull off the plastic film. You can use something like a tooth pick or plastic knife to lift the corner of the screen protector. Do NOT use a sharp tool or a metal tool, as you may scratch the screen surface.

8. The monitor LCD screen keeps on changing from black & white to color. Why does this happen?

The level of light in the room is on the borderline for the camera to activate night vision. As soon as the camera switches to night vision it detects enough light to switch back to day vision, and thus it keeps on switching back and forth between day and night vision. If this is early in the morning or at dusk the problem should correct itself once the light changes. If it happens in a room at night with a light on, please do the following:

Take the camera to a dark room and check if it works with night vision in the dark room, then test the day vision by using it in a brightly lit room (or during daylight)

If the unit works fine under the above mentioned circumstance, then the intensity of the light in the room is the problem. Move the camera closer to the light or away from the light.

If it still switches between day/night vision in a dark room or brightly lit room, the day/night sensor might be faulty. Please contact our Customer Service team at service@babywombworld.com.

9. The LED light on the camera suddenly turned red and the?camera turned around to the opposite direction and then turned off. If I try to turn it on again the LED just stays red and nothing happens. Why does this happen?

This should rarely happen and only when there were a power surge or interference from another RF device that caused the unit to reset. Please follow these steps to reset the camera:

Plug the camera into the power adapter and Press and Hold the On/Off button for 3 seconds to turn on the camera.

The Power LED will light up in green and the camera will do a system check. This will take about 30 seconds after which the camera image will appear on the LCD screen. All is fine and your camera will work as normal. If this system self check fail and the green LED doesn’t light, the camera unit might be damaged. Please contact our Customer Service team (Service@babywombworld.com)

10. What should I do if there is no picture from the camera?

Make sure the batteries are charged (both monitor and camera)

Make sure that the camera and monitor are both on.

Make sure that the camera is in range of the monitor.

Make sure the camera and the monitor are paired.

11. The picture is or has become choppy. What should I do?

The picture may become choppy when the frame rate decreases. This happens when the signal between the camera and the monitor are dropping. You might be getting out of range.

Move the monitor to see if the picture improves (for instance if the monitor is behind an obstacle that may obstruct the signal) or try to move the monitor closer to the camera.

  • Strangulation Hazard!! – Keep the cord out of a child’s reach. NEVER place camera or cords within 3 feet of crib or playpen. Never use extension cords with AC adapters. Only use AC adapters provided.
  • This product contains small parts that may cause choking. Keep small parts away from children.
  • This product is NOT intended to replace proper supervision of children. You must check your child’s activity, as this product will not alert parents to silent activities of a child.
  • NEVER use transmitter or monitor near water, including near a bathtub, sink, laundry tub, wet basement etc.
  • This product is not intended for use as a medical monitor.
  • Check reception regularly. Test monitor before use and after changing camera location.


Are you worried about:

– Not hearing your baby when he/she cries in the other room?
– How you can keep an eye on your little one when visiting friends and he/she is sleeping in one of their rooms?
– Whether the room temperature where your baby sleeps is to hot or cold?

BabyWombWorld has designed a fantastic baby monitor that every parent should have!

– No matter where you are in your house, you can now watch, listen and talk to your loved one anytime, all the time!

The great features of this monitor:

– 100% Digital Baby Monitor Kit
– 4 Channels, support 4 cameras for one monitor
– Portable Parent Unit
– 3.5″ LCD Colour Screen
– Infrared Nigh Vision
– High Sensitivity Microphone
– 2-Way Communication
– Rechargeable Battery for Camera and Monitor
– Room Temperature Measurement
– The Monitor can Remote Control the Camera

Included With the Monitor

– 1 x 3.5 ” Color LCD monitor
– 1 x Rotatable Baby camera
– 2 x Power adapters
– 1 x User manual

Parents, you don’t have to worry or stress a minute more! Get your baby monitor now!

37 reviews for 3.5″ LCD Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor Model BWW-8036

  1. Meri

    For starters, the packaging on this product is wonderful, so it would be a great gift for any baby shower or expecting mother. I personally bought this for myself and I must say that I love it! The screen on this baby monitor is fairly large so I am able to see every detail of the room. In addition, with other baby monitors that I have owned, I have noticed that they image quality gets blurry or fuzzy after a while, but this monitor kept its crystal clear image quality regardless of how long I used it. Even during night time the image quality was exceptionally clear. Another great quality about this monitor is the fact that it tells you the temperature of the room our child was in and I didn’t understand how important this feature was until now! Moreover, I really like how I am able to horizontally and vertically adjust the head of the camera because I was able to place it in the idea position without having to move the camera. Overally,I am exceptionally happy with this purchase and I think that this baby monitor really lives up to its price!

  2. Kim Stewart

    This is a great camera! It moves up and down without jolting and side to side with ease. It took a minute for me to set it up. What threw me Off was It wasn’t a red or green light to show if it was powered on/off. The directions are very straight forward and made setting it up super simple. I had a hard time removing the protective film, but customer service let me know they were going to look into ways to make it easier! I loved that. One of my favorite things is the fact that these monitors can be used by DC plug OR by battery, so it opens up a bigger range for many! I love that you can change the sensitivity of what noise the monitor picks up. There’s even lullabies. The 2 way feature is fantastic! Besides a typical baby monitor, ours is set up in our kids’ playroom! It makes it REALLY nice while I’m making dinner or working to keep an eye on them. Great camera, great customer service and worth every penny!!!

  3. Haydar Kir

    This is a replacement to the old system by Summer Infant I had for a few years. It was a good and reliable system, up until recently when it started to loose connection sporadically. In addition, the old system had so much white noise, you really couldn’t hear the kid breathing. You could only hear the kid crying. It was not the best system, but it worked while it functioned.

    This, on the other hand, is definitely an upgrade. Quality of the image, along with the quality of sound is a definitely noticable. In addition, it is definitely not too expensive, as some of the other system’s I’ve seen on the market.

    Operation is very simple and has a night vision to ensure you can see the little one. It has a pretty good range, as well. I took the monitor to the garage, which was always a dead spot for the other one I had. This worked with no issues. Though I thought at one point the signal got cut off, but picked it right back up.

    One of the best features is the ability to rotate the camera via monitor. It is very easy to do so and sometimes necessary to reposition the camera without entering in the room. In addition, the system contains a microphone feature to provide the ability to communicate with the child while walking to his/her room. I used this feature once to calm or kid down, becuase he was crying so much. It kind of confuses the kid for a second, but that’s the amount of time you need to ensure the kid stops crying. On a side note, it works like a walkie-talkie. You have to press a button to talk. Which meand, you don’t need to fear some of the noises transferred to kid’s room inadvertently (snoring, coughing, and on…)

    In short, I am happy with my purchase and definitely recommend it.


  4. Karlien Lubbe

    I received this baby monitor as a gift and this has been the best gift ever!!!

    With our first child we tested and tried a number of baby monitors and some were ok but none of them stood out. With our second child we then purchased the AngelCare video monitor and we were very happy with the monitor until now!

    The reason why I say now is because since we received the BabyWombWorld BWW8036 baby monitor we have realised that this baby monitor is better! It has an amazing reception distance and the fact that you can move the camera up and down, left and right is awesome. This allows me now for instance to check whether I have closed the window in the baby’s room while she is sleeping. And then what I love about this baby monitor and camera is the fact that both units have a built-in lithium battery. It just helps sometime when you need to use the monitor for a short while without any power cable!

    And then finally I can honestly say that BabyWombWorld has exceptional customer service! I had one or two questions and they answered quickly and made sure I was happy!

    BabyWombWorld, thanks for launching an awesome new baby monitor! I LOVE IT!

  5. Tara Sowards

    I was super impressed at all of the great, quality features in this video baby monitor at such a competitive price. First of all, this is probably the easiest baby monitor to set up. Just plug in, turn on, and BOOM-automatically connected. The video is crisp and clear and the audio is as well. It has night vision which will be handy on those nights when you want to peek in at baby sleeping. The camera will also move by your remote from side to side and up and down silently so you can take a look around without disturbing baby with any robotic sounds. Other nice features include being able to talk to your baby from the parent unit or set a lullaby to play on the baby’s unit to help soothe baby back to sleep. You can even connect several other cameras to it as well. Settings can be made to have the monitor turn on at different sensitivities of sound or to run continuously. My favorite feature, though, is that both units contain a rechargeable battery to help keep transmission going even in the case of a power outage, or if you need to take the adult unit with you as you move to a different room. This is a feature that has been very hard to find as I have been looking for baby monitors. I highly recommend this set with its easy setup and great parent and baby-friendly features. It is a great quality monitor!!!

  6. Donna Yost

    Very impressed with this monitor! The two things I love the most about it, are the night vision and the room temperature monitor. Most will understand why I love the night vision feature, but why the temperature monitor? If our little one’s room is to hot or two cold, it will interrupt them sleeping as well. Two way communication is wonderful, you can talk to your little one, if they are just fussing a little in the night, reassuring them it is ok. Perhaps sing them back to sleep. The camera is so crisp and clear. You can aim the camera in any direction you need. With the clear picture quality, you can check in on your little time any time you want to. This works great as a camera in your toddlers/pre-shool child’s room as well, to see if they are staying in their beds are sneaking out of bed to play with toys instead of sleeping. The other features I like is Lullaby mode.There is 3 songs that are in a loop , that play and comfort your little one. You get a instruction book that is so easy to read. Even has trouble shooting features in it, in case you may have some problems. You get everything you need in the box, to set the camera up and start using right away. I can honestly say, I will recommend this BabyWombWorld camera to all my friends looking for a baby monitor.

  7. J_Levette

    If you are looking for a great working and durable camera, look no further than this one! It moves up/down without any jitter and it can even move side to side with great ease. It wasn’t much too difficult to put together, but reading instructions will help greatly. There is a protective film, remember that before you turn it on and think it’s done. I spent a few moments getting angry at the quality only to see that there was a film over it and when I took it off, it was perfect! I love that you can use either the plug for a simple plug-in-play route or you can easily install batteries. The fact their is a choice makes this amazing. I bought this as a gift for my sister and her new baby. I wanted to play around with it before I handed her something out of the curiosity, that if it didn’t work I would have had to get her another one. But I am thrilled to find that it works amazing and quite well. I highly recommend and approve of this product.

  8. Katie Smith

    Best camera I have ever had. The screen works great with color in the day and a night mode at night. There are a ton of great features on this, not just the night mode. You can play music, change how bright it is, and even see the temperature. But really I love that I can have up to 4 cameras that makes it so nice to see my baby sleeping in one room and my boys playing in the other room. I love that I can talk to my kids and they can talk back to me too.

    Over all it has been great. I have yet to find anything that I don’t like about it. Best thing is, you can even plug it in and recharge the batteries! So you can have it plugged in while using it or have it wireless making it easier to move around the house.

  9. Roxanna Ramos

    This little camera is packed full of features! I was so impressed with the quality of the video output.
    The only odd thing about the monitor was the sound of a loose screw inside or something that jiggled about when shaking the tiny monitor, which doesn’t have any effect on its performance.

    The temperature sensor is a great addition and works perfectly. The sound from the 2-way audio is clear. If you run into any static in the audio it’s probably due to being too close to the camera or the battery being low.

    I definitely suggest that you apply a screen protector after removing the plastic film from the monitor screen, just to keep the screen scratch-free and protected.
    Basically, this camera works perfectly, does what it should, and is the perfect option for keeping track of your little one(s).

  10. Enigma

    I bought this monitor to replace my old one that was going out on me. Way cheaper than my old big name brand monitor and has better perks than the last. The monitor has music that plays for the child and the screen is decently large with good quality day or night view. I expected something less but am suprised at the quality compared to the price. If you are on the lookout for a good monitor and found this page then buy it. It’s worth it.

  11. Erin L

    I am very pleased with this baby monitor. It is much better than other brands when it comes to image quality so that is an upgrade from ones I have had in the past. It moves up and down smoothly and quietly. It is very reliable and works as I expected it to. The temperature sensor is a wonderful added quality and the sound quality of the 2 way system is also great. Overall,. great product for price.

  12. McKay

    Love the simplicity of this baby monitor. You literally just turn on the units and you are good to go. It is so simply that my 1.5 year old son (who I got this for) has figured out how to use it. He can pan the camera.

    It works well both light and dark and the video monitor is good enough to see clearly. Because it can be battery powered, it is very portable. It is nice that I can move it to any room where my son is.

    The main reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is because this can’t really be mounted on a wall. Because of this, I can’t really use this very well when my son is in his crib. I also wish the batteries would last longer. When I run the units on battery power I don’t even get an hour before the battery dies.

  13. Safe Buys 4 U

    This is the first non-WiFi camera system I have had and tested. I like it very much. The range is good too. I can use it from one end of my house to the other. My house is one story so I don’t know what it would be like in a two or more story home/office etc.

    The BabyWombWorld camera is really nice, giving almost a full 360-degree view of the room/surroundings. The monitor has a very clear picture and is in color during the day and switches itself to infrared at night or in a darker environment.

    The 3.5″ LCD digital display is a nice size, (bigger than a lot of baby monitors I’ve looked at.) and easy to take from room to room with you or even outside if not too far away to break the signal. Just make sure you test it out well. Check your signal range through your house and yard.

    There is a nice two-way talk feature between the camera and monitor. You can tell your little ones (or whoever) that’s its lunch time, homework time or the camera side can ask these questions too. Some may call this a blessing and others may not want them to know at all. LOL.

    The monitor shows the temperature of the room, comes on when a sound is heard. Three setting for this. Has 3 songs and a loop feature. Comes with cord to hook to your TV if you really want a large picture. Buy 3 more BabyWombWorld cameras to connect to one monitor. Volume control on the monitor, there is a built-in stand on the back. There just isn’t anything that was missed in this system. I really think you’ll find it everything you need.

    SafeBuys4U recommends the BabyWombWorld 3.5″ LCD Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor as a safe buy 4 U.

  14. Julie

    I am very impressed with this baby monitor. It is super easy to use and is a great value for the money! I love how you can adjust the camera to move up and down and side to side very quickly and smoothly. You can even view the temperature in the room. When I got it, I just plugged it in and got started. I checked out the manual that explains all of the features very thoroughly. The LED screen is very clear and good quality. It also has good quality night vision. I really like how I can even play 3 different songs from the monitor to the camera. It puts my baby right to sleep! This works much better than my old baby monitor and is definitely top quality. Would highly recommend!

  15. Stephanie

    This camera is great and easy to use. It has a great resolution to it!

  16. Courtney Adams

    Absolutely amazed! This monitor is so much more then I expected. The package of the product was phenomenal. I love how big the screen is and how well the night vision works! I love how clear the picture comes in and how you can see everything! I even love that you can tell the temperature of the babies room! Definitely would recommend this baby monitor to any and every body!

  17. The Penny Pincher

    This is the best monitor, hands down! The picture is clear and the sound is crystal. It has night vision and the room temp monitor is very handy. Nothing is more important than the safety and benefit of my young child. The two-way communication is ideal, so if my baby is fussing around in her crib, I can speak to her reassuring everything is fine. I can even set it up so that when I need to do something, I can have a lullaby sing her to sleep. You can aim the camera in any direction you need which is amazing, considering the room might be changed up and I might need a readjusting. It also works great for pre-school or older children, so it’s one of those “growing” items that will work even if your child grows up. I just really love this monitor and all it’s amazing features. It even comes with an instruction manual with trouble-shooting options–in case you run into any issues. I just love this product and I highly recommend.

  18. MommyEyez

    I love how simple this monitor is. I bought this so that my parents can have worry free nights when my kids sleep over and my parents too love it. This unit connects instantaneously and can be used anywhere throughout the house. My parents love that they can take the monitor anywhere throughout the house without having to keep plugging it in to an outlet. My favorite feature is that the camera has a thermostat and the temperature can be seen on the monitor. The picture quality is great too, even at night.

  19. Safe Buys 4 U

    3.5″ LCD Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor – Wireless surveillance camera with night vision for remote monitoring of your infant.

    This is the first non-WiFi camera system I have had and tested. I like it very much. The range is good too. I can use it from one end of my house to the other. My house is one story so I don’t know what it would be like in a two or more story home/office etc.

    The BabyWombWorld camera is really nice, giving almost a full 360-degree view of the room/surroundings. The monitor has a very clear picture and is in color during the day and switches itself to infrared at night or in a darker environment.

    The 3.5″ LCD digital display is a nice size, (bigger than a lot of baby monitors I’ve looked at.) and easy to take from room to room with you or even outside if not too far away to break the signal. Just make sure you test it out well. Check your signal range through your house and yard.

    There is a nice two-way talk feature between the camera and monitor. You can tell your little ones (or whoever) that’s its lunch time, homework time or the camera side can ask these questions too. Some may call this a blessing and others may not want them to know at all. LOL.

    The monitor shows the temperature of the room, comes on when a sound is heard. Three setting for this. Has 3 songs and a loop feature. Comes with cord to hook to your TV if you really want a large picture. Buy 3 more BabyWombWorld cameras to connect to one monitor. Volume control on the monitor, there is a built-in stand on the back. There just isn’t anything that was missed in this system. I really think you’ll find it everything you need.

    SafeBuys4U recommends the BabyWombWorld 3.5″ LCD Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor as a safe buy 4 U.

    Here is a quick link to buy your own: https://amzn.to/2gq2Pg7
    If this review was helpful, please “Like & Share” I welcome all comments too. ????

  20. S. Soong

    I needed a new monitor as our old one was knocked off the dresser. The one that was damaged was over $200 and was finicky to use. This one was a bargain compared to that old one (I won’t name names, but was a top 3 rated one…)
    This one is miles ahead of the previous.
    The night vision is perfect. Clear, bright and responsive. The colors on the monitor are bright, crisp and clear. If you want to enhance the display or adjust the brightness you can do that from your display unit, which you can unplug and take with you.
    The rotation is about 270′, not a full 360 but most of the time this is sitting up against a wall anyway.
    You can add batteries to both of the units as a backup in case you can’t access a standard wall plug. This portability makes it even better than others out there.
    You can adjust the tilt: up/down, the rotation side to side to get a better picture of your baby, room, kittens, teenagers in the basement, etc.
    You can also keep an eye on the front door if you want to use this as a monitor while you’re in another room.
    The possibilities are endless with this monitor. The temperature can be adjusted from Celsius to Fahrenheit with the press of a button.
    The only downside that I found are the 3 ‘lullabies’, which, to me sound rather tinny and annoying. I just keep them off.
    I can use this as a 2 way ‘walkie’ to hush the little when he starts to fuss.
    This monitor and display unit are easy to navigate, easy to set up, no software required. No wifi needed so this is perfect to take along with you to great grandma’s house. Just plug and play. The presets are kept even after you power it down so you don’t need to make constant readjustments.
    There is a coax cable so that you can record directly from the monitor to a DVR set up. The cable is rather short so it would have to be close to use to directly record from the monitor to the recording device.
    I read a lot of reviews of baby monitors before we decided on this one. As it is from Amazon, we knew that if there were any problems, we could send it back. After using it for weeks now, there are no problems at all. We’ll be keeping this for a long time and for future grandlittles.

  21. blondie16915

    My sister is about to be a first time mom so I wanted to get her something that would give her peace of mind. This baby monitor makes a great gift thanks to its many amazing features. It has a battery in the monitor and camera, two way communication, night vision, room temperature detection and it supports up to 4 cameras. While this unit only comes with 1 you can purchase other camera separately which is nice because you can have as few or as many as you want. The two way communication is nice because you can reassure your child that you are on the way and let them know it is okay which makes everyone feel better. I really like it has a 360 vertical and horizontal rotation so you can have it pointing where you want it. This is a very portable unit so you can take it with you throughout the house. Thanks to the high sensitivity microphone you don’t have to wonder whether you hear something or not and it’s all rechargeable so your not going through batteries like crazy. The 3.5″ screen lets you see before you go running into your baby’s room which is nice. While this is great for babies it can be used for older children so it’s definitely worth the price since you can use it for years to come. It has a sleek and stylish design and I am proud to be able to give this as a gift. The range is great so you don’t have to worry about it not working if you are in a different part of the house. This product comes with everything you need to set up and start using it right away. I was even pleased with how comprehensive and clear the instructions are because that is not always the case. When purchasing through amazon here https://amzn.to/2gq2Pg7 you can choose a 2 or 3 year protection warranty and you get free prime shipping & free returns. Overall I am pleased with the quality of this product and I only wish I had something this awesome when I had my first child a decade ago.

  22. JustinTime

    This is another great product from babywombworld full of features some of which I did not expect.

    If runs off of a dedicated RF signal between the camera and monitor units which means that you don’t need to load one more app on your phone to view the camera. The monitor is great because it has a sand for tilting it upright, has an AV output so it can be connected to a TV with eh included RCA cable and can be battery operated for a few hours and plugged in the remainder of the time which will also recharge the battery.

    The display itself has a lot of information on it without getting in the way of its main purpose of mentoring the child. The display lets you know the signal strength, which camera you are viewing (can pair up to 4 of the same type of camera), if you are using the VOX feature (Voice Operated Threshold meaning what level of sound activated the monitor in this case), and battery level. There are also light indicators in on the top to show that they unit is powered on and the sound level indicator.

    The menus of this monitor is very useful as well. It has features like volume control for both the level of the monitor as well as for the volume of the lullabies and talk back function. You can control the contrast of the monitor, select the build in lullabies to be played from the camera to sooth the child, You can also use a digital zoom to zoom the camera in twice as far as normal, set the VOX sensitivity so that the monitor only turns on when it senses a certain level of noise which is very nice at night so you don’t have to have the light shining in your eyes all the time and select which or up to 4 cameras you want to view (or have it rotate automatically between them all) as well as select the room tempature setting (C or F)

    Comparison to the other babywombworld camera we have.
    This one-
    • Pros:
    o has a dedicated monitor for the camera
    o The camera senses room tempature
    o The dedicated monitor has all the controls and menus for the camera
    o Two power plugs come with the unit-one for the camera and one for the monitor
    o Does not have a light on the front of it that lights up the room like a night light
    o Monitor and camera will function for a few hours with a loss of power

    • Cons:
    o Can only be viewed from up to 300 feet away
    o Monitor can only be unplugged for a few hours

    Other unit-
    • Pros:
    o Can be viewed on an iPhone or android device with the included app-no extra monitor needed
    o Camera can be set up on a network to be viewed away from home
    o Pictures and videos from the camera can be saved to your device or to a memory card in the camera (not included)
    o Camera can be set up with other triggers (not completely sure what that means)

    • Cons:
    o All connection is lost if power is not available
    o Night light on the front of the camera cannot be turned off
    o App does not store the correct time

    Overall I give this 3.5″ LCD Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor a 5 out of 5 stars. If I could make one change it would be the possibility of making the power cord longer so that there is more freedom in where the camera is placed without having to use an extension cord.

    Note: I received this product for free or at a significant discount in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. This review is entirely based on my honest assessment and opinion after using the product and not influenced in any way by receiving a discount. All opinions are my own.

  23. John Tressel

    This is a very nice and high quality baby camera that has so many features that others don’t. The temperature monitor is something I have never seen before in a baby monitor and the music ability is great. Overall I love this camera and would recommend it to anybody in need of one of these.

  24. Kerrific

    This monitor looks amazing! I can’t wait to start using it. Our last one died after 6 kids and baby 7 needs so I can keep him from being poked when the other kids are in the room. I love the screen, it’s got a great picture!

  25. Lauren Cheely

    When you are a new mom, you want to assure you can keep an eye on your little one at all times. This monitor works amazing and assures me that my child is safe. The monitor is made very well and is durable! I was excited to see how much we used this!

  26. Elisha dodd

    I loved how simply all the amazing features were to use I expected it to be super complicated but it wasn’t. I loved the sleek elegant look that goes perfect with my design in my house and nursery. I am in love with the crystal clear images and sounds. I rate this a perfect five out of five stars.

  27. Ashleigh S.

    This wireless baby video monitor works pretty well. The camera unfortunately doesn’t hold that long of a charge, about 2 1/2 hours, so I have to keep it plugged in all the time. The LCD monitor has a clear picture in color and night vision mode and good sound. You can adjust the brightness of the screen, the volume, motion sensitivity and turn on built in baby music. The LCD battery lasts longer but that depends on how often the screen is on. The built in music is kind of loud especially on the LCD, so I never use it. The motion sensitivity varies. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, no matter what setting I have it on. The camera moves right and left and up and down. This set is easy to figure out and use. It shows the temperature, but I find that it’s about 2-3 degrees off. This has a two way talk system so you can talk to your baby and not be in the room. This has really good range, I am able to go all over my house and even a ways outside and can still hear and see perfectly. This really comes in handy for being able to get things done around the house or relaxing while your child is sleeping. You know they’re safe and can keep an eye on them, without having to check in on them every 2 seconds. I received this free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  28. Joseph M.

    I purchased this camera because I was in need of a good baby monitor for my two-year old son that allowed me to do more than just watch him in his bed. Now that he’s a little older, he plays in his room when he gets up from his naps and I hated that I couldn’t see what he was doing unless he was playing near his bed. I searched everywhere for one that met my requirements: 1.) NOT WIFI ..those freak me out since we’ve all heard the horror stories of them being hacked into, 2.) had a parent unit with two way because I like having it on my nightstand at night and didn’t want to use my phone, and 3.) had a wide lens camera that could be moved. I got recommendations from friends and didn’t really like what I saw.

    I came across this camera while looking at what Amazon had to offer, and was only sold on it when I saw the high reviews with pictures of it in use! Seriously, this is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made for my son. In my opinion, I made an investment on his safety.

    I love that I can watch him while he’s playing, talk back to him, move the camera as he walks around the room, and the room temperature feature is a plus to make sure he sleeps comfortably. It will also come in handy once his little brother is old enough to play with him and I can keep an eye on both of them while I’m in the other room! 🙂

    Buy this camera! You WON’T regret it!

  29. Andrew

    This is a great product full of awesome features, and at an affordable price. The picture is great, even in the dark (the included IR lights do an awesome job of “lighting” dark rooms), the audio is good, and the range more than adequate (this worked up to about half a block away, through walls and neighbor homes). I absolutely LOVE the rotation and tilt options – it rotates through about 270°, so just about anything falls within its scope. I didn’t max out the tilt yet, but it goes up and down enough to look from floor to ceiling. Zoom is limited to 2x, and purely digital, not optical*. The feature is nice enough to help if you’re struggling with a small screen, but you won’t be able to get more detail by zooming in.

    Please note, this is not a WiFi monitor, which comes with advantages and drawbacks. You’re limited to the range of the monitor, and you have to use the dedicated display, but it’s very simple and it works well without the hassle of setup.

    This system can accommodate up to 4 cameras, so if you want to wire up multiple rooms you can – but if you ask me, you’d only need to do so for convenience if you want to avoid moving the camera to a new room. It’s not hard to move this camera for short periods, as it has about 4 hours of battery.

    Two-way communication is nice as well – the camera always receives sound, the monitor is push-to-talk.

    All in all, this is a fantastic tool and should be more than effective for just about any monitoring needs. Absolutely a wonderful product.

    *For those unfamiliar, a digital zoom is just a doubling of the image size by expanding the pixels. Optical zoom. by contrast, involves a moving lens. If digital zoom is like looking at an image with a magnifying glass, optical zoom would be like looking at an image of the same object that was taken from closer up.

  30. Anthony M.

    This monitor and the camera really high-quality you don’t need to mess up with this just plug-in and you can see and here your child clearly and safety.
    Easy to rotate between the cameras you can even put the music for your child.

    Everything I love about this camera…

    1) Simple to set up and operate

    2) Good range of operation — the monitor picks up the camera easily from 3-4 rooms away.

    3) Picture quality is fine. No, it’s not HD or presentation quality, but it doesn’t have to be! We can easily see whether our baby’s eyes are open and whether she is moving around or not.

    4) Sound quality is pretty good too — again, more than satisfactory for baby monitor purposes.

    5) It does NOT use WiFi, which makes it less of a security concern.

    6) Two-way sound function is a nice feature (If you press a button on the monitor you can talk to your baby through the camera’s speaker. We don’t use this feature much, but it’s nice to have.)

    7) The monitor is very small and lightweight, so it’s easy to put anywhere. Yes, this means it has a small screen, but personally I prefer the smallest screen that shows me what I need to see — anything larger is unnecessarily cumbersome. (Just my opinion!)

    One of the best deal you want to buy for your mom and your child. highly recomended

  31. Penny The Pincher

    I love how simple this baby monitor is. You just turn it on and you’re good to go. No extra confusing features, no having to “press this button in order for that button to work”. Nothing like that. My little 9 year old cousin could work the thing, that’s how great it is. It works great in both lighted areas and dark areas. It can capture video clearly without being too washed out or darkened. It works on batteries–meaning that you can easily transport this device freely without extra cords or outlets needed. It’s quite portable which is amazing. You can place it inside your room while your child is a newborn and have it around in their own bedrooms when they get older. It’s a truly multi-purpose device that can be used for so many things and for so many reasons. I bought this for my sister-in-law, because she is having her second child and could really use this device in the house to keep your eyes on your newborn and/or older kid when she is busy around the home. It can’t really be mounted on a wall or surface, so that is one issue but you can keep it propped up on a table or chair. I can see it being a little tough to help out with a child inside a crib, due to trying to find a wall to keep it upright and air-lifted to get the sight of inside the crib but all in all, it’s a great product that I highly recommend to a busy mom who needs something to keep an eye out on her children.

  32. Stacy Sue

    We received our monitor and loved a lot of the features. The range is great! Our old monitor was constantly losing signal. I can go out in the yard with no problems and it’s a pretty good distance away. The picture is amazing and very clear. I am very pleased with the monitor and the company! 5/5 would recommend.

  33. KBrown

    I just got this new baby monitor and I really love all the features. I have a couple of other monitors that use wifi and display on my smartphone, but this one comes with it’s own parent device where you can watch your little ones. I love that I didn’t need to go through my wifi to set this up. I just needed to pair the camera and the monitor to use it, and it was pretty easy to set up with just a few button presses.

    Before the first use you should charge both the camera and the monitor for about 8 hours. Once charged, just bring the two pieces near each other and follow the instructions to pair them. Your video output will show up on your display screen. You can use the parent display piece to adjust your camera up and down or side to side to get a better view. It also has a built in microphone and speaker so you can listen and talk to your little ones. It has controls for volume, brightness, zoom, voice activation levels, and you can even use this to monitor the temperature in the room where your little one sleeps. I also love that I can use this device to watch up to 4 cameras if I choose to purchase extra ones. I haven’t had it long but am already loving this monitor. It is so much nicer than some of the others I have used in the past.

  34. Alicia R.

    Recently, because of certain circumstances, I’m not able to sleep on the same floor as my son. As any good Momma does, I worry about him needing me and I am unable to hear him. Then I found the perfect solution! It’s a 3.5″ LCD Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor made by Baby Womb World. I have seen some similar to this, but none this impressive. The camera is egged shaped and I have control of where the camera points. If my son is playing in one area and moves, all I have to do is move the camera with the buttons on the receiver to his new location. This Baby Monitor allows me to watch him on a color screen day or night. It also allows me to hear what is going on. The best feature of all, is that I can reply back to him. I just press a button and he hears what I say. Another amazing feature of this monitor is there is nothing to set up. You just plug it in and go! That’s it! It also has the ability to tell you the room’s temperature. When Baby Womb World creates this monitoring system, they covered everything a parent would ever need in a baby monitor, which helps this mom feel more comfortable about leaving my baby in a different room.

  35. Bojana

    It’s great! Very convenient to use:
    1) wireless
    2) nice design
    3) great video and sound quality
    4) chargers can be used for both monitor and camera in case you lose one
    5) you can adjust position if the camera from your monitor
    The only thing I didn’t like is long charging time but since I’m using it only at the day time, I charge it overnight.

  36. Mila

    This is the second product I got from Baby Womb World, the previous product I purchased from them is excellent so when I need more products for my baby, I considered to get one from them.
    I was looking for a high-quality baby monitor that will not break my bank, the price of this product is on par with the similar product on the market, however, I have several reasons why I am satisfied with this baby monitor:
    1. High-quality video, I was amazed that the video quality is great, the video is sharp and vivid. The video came in color and it can be adjusted the brightness and the sharpness.
    2. Easy to install. This product gives me zero hassle, all I have to do is plug and turn it on, and it works just like that, no brainer.
    3. Good connection range. The nursery room is on the second floor and I spend most of my time in working in the basement, so I mostly monitor my baby while I am in the basement. The connection is good, no relay, so I don’t have to worry about not seeing my baby when I am in the other rooms.
    3. Great feature. This baby monitor provides several amazing features, one that I really love is the camera can be controlled from far, so I can easily move the camera to the left and right side or up and down easily just by using the monitor. It gives me a better view of the nursery room or any room where I put my baby. Other features like temperature monitor, lullaby songs that can be controlled from far or built-in microphone so I can “talk” to my baby easily.
    4. No Wifi. this baby monitor requires no wifi, so I don’t have to worry about being hacked (yes, there are many stories about hacked baby monitor) it puts my mind at ease.

    Since I just started to use this for several weeks, I don’t know how durable it will be, I am just hoping that this product is durable, because I really like it.
    I highly recommend this product

  37. Christine Marte

    This set comes with a camera and an LCD screen that you can stand up with little folding stand.There is a battery, so you can charge it and not have to leave it plugged in. Both the camera come with adaptors to plug into the wall. This set is very easy to use. Just plug it in and press the power buttons on both and they will turn on instantly. The LCD screen is very clear and depending on your lighting, the screen will be in color or black and white. The sound is very clear. Just don’t put near each other or you will get feedback sounds. The microphone is located behind the camera with temperature control. You can press a button and talk back and forth with the person in the other room. You can also put on several different lullaby tunes for baby to hear without going into the room and interrupting. It can tell you the temperature in the room too in F or C. Overall, I really like this set. Very easy to use and good quality.

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