BabyWombWorld breakfast for moms combines celebrities, parenting advice and innovative new products

BabyWombWorld recently hosted its first ‘Breakfast for Moms’ event at the Heritage Hill Residential Estate in Centurion, bringing together big names from the parenting world along with celebrity actress and mother, MC Nadia Beukes.

The outdoor event held in the picturesque rose garden saw 100 attendees come together to listen to three guest speakers and BabyWombWorld owner Heinrich Nell sharing the history of the brand and its history and its ongoing mission to inspire and support parents.

Guest speakers included Christine Klynhans who shared her experienced of breastfeeding when returning to work, Laura le Roux, a mom of 4 and a mommy blogger who shared her life as a mom with the audience and Jacqui Flint, owner of Baby Love, who spoke on the topic of tiredness and the importance of routine and imparted some practical tips for new parents.

The BabyWombWorld product range was also on show during the event for parents to discover. Two notable products available to view on the day were the BabyWombWorld breast pump featuring 3D suction technology for efficient and comfortable expression and the new Squizz2 baby stroller, a compact stroller that can be used for newborns and toddlers alike.

The BabyWombWorld team were also joined by Warren Murray and Projeni Pather from Exposure Marketing who are organisers of the MamaMagic event.

Owner Heinrich Nell said “We’re very thankful to Exposure Marketing as their baby expo helped put BabyWombWorld on the map, and we were thrilled to see so many parents benefiting from practical tips and advice from our speakers on the day and engaging with our products.

“The event was a wonderful occassion filled with sunshine and laughter, so we’ll be making plans to hold another similar event next year.”

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