The BabyWombWorld Baby Monitor is an ever-present, all-seeing guardian that offers peace of mind while your baby naps. It blends into the background while your child sleeps but has the technology to alert you in seconds. Technology has changed the way parents monitor their babies. With the BWW8036 Baby Monitor, parents can keep an ear peeled and an eye out for the subtlest changes in their little ones.
Latest Technology

Complete Peace of Mind

Enjoy the security of being able to watch your dear newborn or infant while they are sleeping, knowing you will be able to see or hear any activity that happens in the nursery wherever you are in or around your home. BabyWombWorld brings your the latest technology when it comes to the BWW8036 baby monitor. This stylish baby monitor is packed with features from being able to talk back to your little one to being able to add 3 additional cameras to the same monitor unit. Out baby monitor has a reception distance like no other baby monitor in the market and you can therefore be sure that you will know what is happening in your newborn's room wherever you are in and around the house.

What is all included?

3.5″ LCD Color Screen

The BabyWombWorld Baby Monitor has a transmission RANGE that will cover most of your house. So you will easily be able to watch and listen to your baby wherever you are in or outside your house. With NIGHT VISION this camera has great picture quality day and night. The TWO-WAY audio communication makes it possible to listen and talk to your little one if needed.

The Camera

The temperature sensor allows you to see what the temperature in your baby's room is always . What makes the BWW8036 different from all other baby monitors is the fact that the camera unit also comes with a built-in lithium-ion battery with a battery life of up to 2 hours. This is for those much-needed times where power is not available.

The Monitor

The BWW8036 baby monitor is packed with features. The easy layout of the buttons makes the understanding and operation of the baby monitor easy. The set of buttons on the right-hand-side allows you to move and control the camera remotely. With the main menu key on the left you can access the onscreen menu where you can adjust the volume, set the monitor to stand-by mode and add extra cameras. You also have the talk-back button if you want to communicate with your little one remotely.

Always in Touch

The BWW8036 Camera can rotate 355 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. You can therefore see all corners of the room from the comfort of your baby monitor that you are carrying with you.

A must have!

Best Video Baby Monitor with Audio

The BabyWombWorld baby monitor is SO EASY to set up! Most Wi-Fi baby monitors work with internet and set up is difficult. With this baby monitor there are no worries. You connect the camera to power and once you switch on the monitor unit you will automatically be connected. No hassle! No struggle! And adding more than one camera is a wonderful extra feature and just as easy to set up.

The BWW8036 Baby Monitor

  • 100% Digital Baby Monitor Kit
  • 4 Channels, support 4 cameras for one monitor
  • Portable Parent Unit
  • 3.5″ LCD Colour Screen
  • Infrared Nigh Vision
  • High Sensitivity Microphone
  • 2-Way Communication
  • Rechargeable Battery for Camera and Monitor
  • Room Temperature Measurement
  • The Monitor can Remote Control the Camera
International Warranty

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