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BabyWombworld’s mission is to make your life as a parent a bit easier. We want to achieve this by providing every new parent with quality products and credible content. For this reason why we have partnered with industry experts and through our BabyWombWorld blog we would like to provide content that will help you to plan this new chapter of your life. Or if you are already a mom we want to provide you with information to be even a better mom.

Is overparenting our biggest failure?


I am passionate about being a parent; it is partially the reason why I am in this business! I believe that through raising our children well we truly can change the world. But as the father of two small children I’ve come to realize that raising children well is easier said than done. Today I just […]

Tips for expressing breast milk


Expressing breast milk is hard work. Many mothers are stressed by the thought of not being able to express enough milk to fulfil in their babies’ needs. Below, some tips to help you to maximise the amount of milk you express in the time that you have available. Before you start expressing breast milk Remember […]

How to manage pain and discomfort after vaginal birth

How to manage pain and discomfort after vaginal birth


Most women will agree that vaginal birth was probably one of the most challenging things they ever had to do. Several women report pain and discomfort after vaginal birth. An amazing secret of natural birth is that labour pains stop the promptly the moment when baby is delivered. Sadly, this is when a Caesarean section […]

painful nipples when breastfeeding

Contemplating causes and solutions for painful nipples


Breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt. Or at least that is what all the books say. The reality is that most women will experience some discomfort and painful nipples in the beginning, which mostly will pass in a few days as they get used to the sensation and learn how to get it right. For some women breastfeeding […]

benefits of babywearing

12 Benefits of practicing babywearing


Babywearing is exactly what the name says it is – wearing or carrying your baby with the help of a sling, wrap, cloth or carrier. Many parents want to practice babywearing, but with the wide choice of carriers available they feel confused as to where to start. Others have tried baby wearing and found that […]

6 Signs that your baby may be sensitive to formula

6 Signs that your baby may be sensitive to formula (and what to do about it)


Although we all agree that breastmilk is best for baby, there are times when breastfeeding is simply not possible and where a baby will need formula milk. Over the last decades both the variety of infant formulas available and the formulations of different formulas have improved a lot. But despite this some babies may still […]

can i still have a life and breastfeed

Can you have a life while breastfeeding?


Many new mothers wonder how they will cope with the demands of breastfeeding, while still remaining a grown-up woman with many other responsibilities and her own wants and needs. On the one hand breastfeeding can save you the time and effort of preparing formula feeds. It is a tool with which to comfort your baby […]

terms and conditions for breast milk production

The terms and conditions for breastmilk production


The majority of women who stop breastfeeding early on do so because they believe that they do not have enough breastmilk, or that their milk isn’t nutritious enough. Medically speaking, only a very small percentage of these women truly have issues with breastmilk production. The rest simply had the wrong information and not enough support. […]

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