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can i still have a life and breastfeed

Can you have a life while breastfeeding?


Many new mothers wonder how they will cope with the demands of breastfeeding, while still remaining a grown-up woman with many other responsibilities and her own wants and needs. On the one hand breastfeeding can save you the time and effort of preparing formula feeds. It is a tool with which to comfort your baby […]

terms and conditions for breast milk production

The terms and conditions for breastmilk production


The majority of women who stop breastfeeding early on do so because they believe that they do not have enough breastmilk, or that their milk isn’t nutritious enough. Medically speaking, only a very small percentage of these women truly have issues with breastmilk production. The rest simply had the wrong information and not enough support. […]

tips and tools for breastfeeding at work

Tips and tools for breastfeeding at work


Breastfeeding and working may seem like an impossible task. However, with the right equipment and a few basic tips it is a very attainable goal. Remember that practice makes perfect. Initially, you are bound to experience some difficulty, but you will find ways of making it work for you. READ THIS: Breastfeeding whilst working – why […]

breastfeeding whilst working why all the hassle

Breastfeeding whilst working – why all the hassle?


Returning to work after maternity leave does not mean you have to stop breastfeeding. It is possible to continue breastfeeding whilst working. However, you should know that working and breastfeeding is more difficult than staying at home and breastfeeding or than working and formula feeding. Perhaps this is why so many mothers don’t even attempt […]

Boosting your milk supply

How to boost your milk supply


Most women who stop breastfeeding do so because they are convinced that their milk supply is insufficient. The idea of not being able to provide in the needs of this little baby they love so much is daunting. Most of the time a mother actually had enough milk, but simply didn’t understand normal breastfeeding patterns […]

Babywombworld exclusive pumping as an alternative to breastfeeding

Breastmilk-to-go – exclusive pumping as a feeding alternative


With increasing awareness on the importance of breastfeeding, exclusive pumping has emerged as a feeding alternative, and it is growing in popularity. This basically means that mothers are expressing and giving their babies breastmilk, without directly feeding baby from the breast. This is of course made possible by advanced technology producing excellent quality breastpumps to […]

How do I know what size breast pump flange I need?

How do I know what size breast pump flange I need?


One of the most common (and most commonly missed) reasons why mother experience expressing difficulties is an ill-fitting breast pump flange. With breast pump flanges one size most certainly doesn’t fit all. The flange is the part of the breast pump that fits onto your breast with the tunnel into which your nipple gets pulled. […]

what do you need for your new baby

Ultimate newborn checklist – what do you need for your new baby?


With literally thousands of products available in stores and online, many new parents feel a bit confused by what exactly they will need for their new baby. The truth is that this list of everything you need for a new baby is probably far shorter than you may think, as many of the gimmicks and […]

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