Do you have these 5 items in your travel bag?

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Leaving the house with kids takes some getting used to. It is hard not to pack everything and the kitchen sink, even when you are just heading to shops for bread and milk. Packing for a few days away can seem overwhelming and the urge to just take everything with is strong but do you really need to take it all?

These are our 5 top must pack items when travelling with kids. Are these in your suitcase?

Baby Wrap or Sling. Babywearing makes travelling so much easier. If you are flying, wearing your baby while you navigate check ins and boarding means you have your hands free to carry bags and find important documents. It also means your baby is close to you which provides them with comfort and ultimately calms them.

Toddlers don’t like to walk very far so invariable parents end up carrying them, having a sling with you makes this much easier. You can let them walk until they tire and then pop them into their sling and continue  exploring your holiday destination.

Thermometer. Children have this wonderful knack for spiking a fever when you least expect it (or need it). Having a reliable thermometer with you provides peace of mind and allows you to monitor your child. Remember to pack in an extra set or batteries or the charger for the thermometer.Holiday Essentials|BabyWombWorld

Muslin Blankets. When you are packing blankets in, pack ones your baby has already been using so they smell familiar. These Muslin blankets are great, they are large which means they can double up as a breastfeeding cover and be used as a picnic blanket. They are lightweight so perfect for the warm summer days.

Sleeping sac. These come in so handy while on holiday. The holidays are all about visiting with friends and making the most of the gorgeous South African summers. This often means you are out over your child’s bedtime. Having a sleeping sac with you is more convenient than packing in extra blankets.

What are some of your essential items to pack when you go on holiday?

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